White Lake Water Festival 2024

The White Lake Water Festival adds the first Family Sandcastle Building Contest to the lineup. It is sponsored by the Elizabethtown Presbyterian Church. Find us Saturday, May 18 from 12:30 – 1:30 at the water’s edge at Camp Clearwater.

As the excitement of the parade dwindles, the warm sun draws you to the water’s edge. Close your eyes and picture it. The air is filled with laughter and the sound of waves gently lapping against the shore, creating the perfect backdrop for the impending sandcastle-building contest.

Colorful beach towels are spread out, forming a patchwork quilt of family spaces. Children dart back and forth, their energy contagious as they eagerly survey the stretch of pristine sand awaiting their imaginative creations. Parents, armed with sunscreen and wide-brimmed hats, chat animatedly as they prepare to unleash their inner architects.

A makeshift judging area is set up near the water’s edge, where a panel of esteemed judges, adorned in sunglasses and beach attire, eagerly await the marvels about to unfold. The categories for judging are as diverse as the families participating – from the tallest towers to the most elaborate moats, creativity knows no bounds.

family building sand castle .jpg

The signal is given, and the shoreline transforms into a bustling construction site. Sand flies through the air, forming turrets, bridges, and mysterious underwater caves. Laughter mingles with the rhythmic sounds of digging and sculpting as families work collaboratively to bring their visions to life.

A spirit of friendly competition prevails as neighboring families exchange tips and cheer each other on.

As the deadline approaches, families put the finishing touches on their sandy masterpieces. The judges, armed with clipboards and big smiles, stroll along the shoreline, taking in the intricate details of each creation. Children anxiously fidget, eyes wide with anticipation, as they await the final verdict.

The winners are announced amidst cheers and applause, and handmade trophies – perhaps seashell-adorned or driftwood-crafted – are awarded to the most innovative sandcastle builders. However, in the end, every family is a winner, having spent a day filled with joy, creativity, and the simple pleasures of bonding by the tranquil shores of White Lake.

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What do the Scavenger Hunt and vintage water skis have in common??

Today’s Spotlight is on the Scavenger Hunt!!

Get ready for waves of fun as you embark on a scavenger hunt throughout the White Lake Water Festival. Dive into the heart of our community as you search for hidden vintage water skis scattered about on White Lake Drive for clues. Everyone who completes the hunt will be entered for a chance to win a prize pack full of White Lake goodies. Do you have what it takes to find them all?

The hunt begins Friday evening. You can find the Scavenger Hunt clue list online or in area businesses beginning at 6PM on Friday, May 17 at beautiful White Lake!

The 2024 White Lake Water Festival will be on

Friday, May 17th and Saturday, May 18th and Sunday, May 19th

Welcome to the heart of aquatic celebration!  We are thrilled to invite you to dive into the immersive experience of our White Lake Festival.  We will have mesmerizing performances to sandcastle building for the family. Come see the breathtaking displays to a captivating parade down White Lake Drive, our Water Festival is a celebration like no other, vendors are coming from all over for you to look at their wears and try their food.  So join us on this journey of exploration and discovery, as we reach into the wonders of water and celebrate the life it sustains.  Feel the pulls of the festival, stay informed, and get ready to be swept away by the waves of fun, under the sun.  Welcome to our Water Festival, where every drop counts, and the joy of water is celebrated in every splash and ripple for our 46th Annual Celebration of the White Lake Water Festival.  This is the kickoff to our summer season but remember we are open all year round.  Make your reservations and come and stay.

                                      IMG_2176 (1).jpg

Last year’s Student Logo Competition winner, Kiara Polovitch, was at White Lake last weekend to autograph the Step and Repeat banner that will be used at the 46th Annual White Lake Water Festival. Then a sophomore at West Bladen, Miss Polovitch designed this winning logo last year. “That logo is on everything I touch these days – applications for vendors, applications for parade participants, the website where updates are posted whitelakewaterfestival.org, on T-shirt orders, and soon to appear on the billboard on White Lake Drive,” said Water Festival Chairman, Terri Hawley. “When she turned the corner today and saw her design repeated 16 times across the banner, her expression was priceless,” Ms. Hawley added.

This photo will be going out to Art Teachers across the county encouraging students to enter the White Lake Water Festival Student Logo Competition for this year. Next spring another young artist will be able to see their work posted everywhere.

The Step and Repeat banner will be located at Goldston’s Beach throughout Water Festival Weekend for your photo opportunities. During Water Festival weekend, at the Wake Shop at Goldston’s, you will be able to vote for next year’s winner. 

This competition has a cash prize of $100 sponsored by McDuffie Pest Control and Cape Fear Fire Protection. Miss Polovitch will be riding a float with the ten finalists from this year’s contest in the Water Festival Parade also sponsored by McDuffie Pest Control and Cape Fear Fire Protection.



Waves of Fun Under the Sun

🎉 Join the Splash-tastic Water Festival Parade! 🌊🎺

 Dear Water Festival Community,

Get ready to make waves and spread the joy at our upcoming Water Festival Parade! We’re on the lookout for fantastic bands, musicians, and exciting parade units to make this event an unforgettable celebration of water, music, and fun. And we are asking for YOUR HELP!

The parade begins at 10AM on May 18th and runs from Camp Clearwater to the Scotchman – all the way down White Lake Drive.

How can I participate? You or someone you know has just what we are looking for! Showcase your talent to a vibrant community. Be part of a memorable celebration. Join the fun and make a splash!

What We’re Looking For:

🎺 Bands & Musicians: Bring the streets to life with your lively tunes and rhythmic beats!

🚤 Water-themed Floats: Dive into creativity and design a float that embodies the spirit of water.

🌟 Exciting Parade Units: From dance troupes to stilt walkers, we want it all! Show off your unique skills and entertain the crowd.

 How to Participate: Register: Check the WhiteLakeWaterFestival.org site, under “Applications”. Registration is required.

Prepare: Plan your performance or float design.

Showcase: Join us on May 18th and be ready to dazzle!

Contact Information and for more information contact us at: Camp Clearwater Office, 2038 White Lake Dr., Elizabethtown, NC 28337/(910)862-3365 or email: info@campclearwater.com or  Jeane’ Pope (910)583-3232 whitelakewaterfestival@gmail.com

Let’s make a splash together! 🌊🎉

                               Let’s give these two beauties a White Lake Water Festival welcome!
Miss North Carolina 2024                                                                           Miss North Carolina Volunteer 2024

The reigning Miss North Carolina 2024, Taylor Lloyd, will be joining us for the festival this year. You can see her in the parade. Taylor, along with Hailey will be emceeing the Fashion Show on the big stage at Goldston’s on Saturday. 

The reigning Miss North Carolina Volunteer 2024Hailey Hudson will be joining us throughout the weekend. You can see her in the parade on Saturday morning and emceeing the Fashion Show at Goldston’s. 

Clowning around!

Fun and Entertaining Parade!

                            Everything you need to know about the 2024 White Lake Water Festival!


8:00AM Vinyard Golf Course at White Lake Tournament Rotary Golf Tournament,
To sign up, call 910-876-1030

5:00PM Voting begins for the finalists for the Student Logo Competition.

             They will be posted at the Wake Shop.

6:00PM – 8:00PM Cruise-in at Goldston’s 

6:00PM Scavenger Hunt begins

8:00PM – 11:00PM Live music at Goldston’s – Jim Quick and the Coastline Band


8:00 AM -12:00 Water Festival Car Show – Lake Church

10:00AM Parade (street will be blocked off by 9:30am)

10:00AM – 4:00PM Vendors and Food Trucks Goldston’s Beach parking lot

11:00 – until The White Lake Fire Department will be serving up BBQ plates. $10.00

11:00AM – 6:00PM Beach Volleyball Tournament (double elimination) at Camp Clearwater

11:00AM – 6:00PM Cornhole Tournament (double elimination) at Camp Clearwater

12:00PM – 12:30PM Wakeboard demonstration by Kara Austin and company 

12:30PM – 1:30PM Family Sandcastle Contest Camp Clearwater

1:30PM – 6:30PM Live Local Talent (Camp Clearwater main stage)

2:00PM – 3:00PM Fashion Show (Resort Collections, Wake Shop, Amy by the Lake, Barefoot Boujee

Boutique) featuring MC for the event Miss North Carolina Taylor Lloyd

8:00PM – 11:00PM Live Band on main stage at Goldston’s Beach – Cat5 Band

9:30ish Fireworks 


12:30PM – 1:00PM Wakeboard demonstration by Kara Austin and company 

12:00PM – 2:00PM Finals of the Volleyball Tournament

12:00PM – 2:00PM Finals of the Cornhole Tournament

2:00PM Scavenger Hunt ends. Winner announced.

2:00PM Student Logo Winner announced.

3:00PM Wiffle Ball Tournament – A community gathering to celebrate the conclusion of the festival weekend at Goldston’s

Student logo winner
CornholeVolleyballCar Showcruise in and signFashion Show - Resort Collections The Gorilla Store

2024 White Lake Water Festival Applications

Our vendors, food vendors, and parade applications are currently open! The Cornhole Tournament takes you to a survey to monitor interest in this new event. 

We would like to offer a large variety of foods, snacks and beverages.  We do however have a non-competitive selection process.  Food vendors must submit a list of items indicating their specialties with prices. Food vendors must provide proof of insurance and obtain a Temporary Food Establishment permit form the Bladen County Environmental Health Division.  First step is to contact Bladen County at (910) 862-6852.  Download the Bladen County Health – TFE Permit. 

You are invited to participate in the 46th White Lake Water Festival scheduled for Saturday, May 18, 2024 at Goldston’s Beach in White Lake, North Carolina.  Vendors will be set up for the one-day event in designated areas on the festival site.  We accept a variety of applications including authentic crafts, nonprofit organizations, business display booths, and vendors selling factory made items. Vendors hours 10am-4pm

Parade Date: Saturday, May 18, 2024

Parade Location: White Lake Drive

Parade Time: 10:00 AM

Parade Line Up: Begins 9:00 AM

For mapping directions, please use

1823 White Lake Drive, White Lake, NC 28337

Arrive at the Camp Clearwater staging area no later than 9:00 AM.

A new addition to the Water Festival lineup this year is a Cornhole Tournament. It will be held on the Camp Clearwater arcade dance floor. Entry fee is $40 per team. Sign-up will be from 11:00 – noon.

Bags fly at 12:30!

100% payout!

Bring your partner!

6-man Beach Volleyball

More details on this are coming soon. 

Scavenger Hunt

Get ready for waves of fun as you embark on a scavenger hunt throughout the Water Festival.  Dive into the heart of our community as you search for hidden water skis scattered about on White Lake Drive.  Everyone who completes the hunt will be entered for a chance to win a prize pack full of White Lake goodies. Do you have what it takes to find them all?

For more information call 910-862-4368 or email – whitelakewaterfestival@gmail.com

Donations have started coming in. Woo Hoo!!!! If YOU would like to donate, the sponsor form is at the bottom of this page!
Level 5 Sponsors                        Level 4 Sponsors                                      Level 3 Sponsors

Goldston’s Beach                              Austin Barfield – RipTide Pro Wash          Sampson-Bladen Oil / Han-Dee Hugo’s  

The Grand Regal                          Nissan of Clinton                                    Alpine Inn
The Shoreliner                             Anderson’s Drug Store                           Four County Electric Membership Corp
The Town of White Lake                 Ski Burger                                                          United Bank
                                                               Rondaveu Pizzeria 
                                                               The Traditions
                                                               First Source Staffing
                                                        Lu Mil Vineyard

 Campbell Oil & Gas

Level 2 Sponsors                                                                                                                         Level 1 Sponsors
Bladen Office Supply                                                                                                Andew Wall, Attorney
Big Blue
 Jamie Corbett
BE Greene Properties, LLC.
Bladen-Gaskins Funeral Home and Cremation Services                                    

Cape Fear Fire Protection

McDuffie Pest Control

We are glad to announce that the 46th White Lake Water Festival will take place on Friday, May 17th, Saturday, May 18th and Sunday May 19, 2024.  We are excited to start the summer on a high note with family-oriented entertainment and activities for the entire family in a safe atmosphere.

 As always, we appreciate your support and generous contributions that helps make this weekend possible and such a success for the thousands of tourists who love to visit and support White Lake, Elizabethtown, and all of Bladen County during the festival weekend.

 As a Level 3, 4 or 5 Sponsor, you can ensure your company’s name or logo will be printed on the 2024 White Lake Water Festival T-shirt, the brochure and contribution board and publicly recognized throughout various events during the festival weekend by returning your contribution no later than March 20, 2024.

 Please know that everyone involved with the Water Festival appreciates your support.


The White Lake Water Festival Committee


 Level 5 Sponsor       

$3000 top billing and stage named after business, name/logo on billboards, sponsor board, brochures, social media and printed ads.

Level 4 Sponsor       

$1500 name/logo on billboards, sponsor board, brochures, social media and printed ads

Level 3 Sponsor       

$1000 name on brochure, sponsor board, and mentioned at event.

Level 2 Sponsor       

$500 name on sponsor board and mentioned at event.

Level 1 Sponsor       

$100 individual who wants to support the Water Festival at White Lake

Sponsor Form – Print and return to the

Elizabethtown White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce 
Post Office Box 306
Elizabethtown, NC
White Lake Water Festival