RETAIL STORES As of 5/12/20
Our businesses are doing their best to serve you while keeping both you and their employees safe. They request that you respect social distance guidelines.
BUSINESS NAME Physical Address City Phone Number  STATUS
ABC Store 2817 W Broad St Elizabethtown 910-862-2332  Open 9AM – 9PM Mon. – Sat. Limit of 6 customers in store at once. Cash registers are shielded. Please wear a mask.
Affordable Auto & Tire Company 125 W. King Street Elizabethtown 910-862-3308  Open 7:30AM – 5PM. Front counter marked for 6′ distancing.
Amy’s Boutique 138 Broad St Elizabethtown 910-991-3046  Open 10:00AM-5:30PM Mon. -Sat. Six (6) people in store at a time with social distancing. Hand sanitizer is provided. Private openings available.
Anderson’s Drug Store 206 S. Poplar Street Elizabethtown 910-862-8411  Open 8AM-6PM Mon. – Fri., 8AM – 3PM Sat., Store is open to walk-ins. Full service provided at drive-up window. Please call ahead with order. Delivery to Bladen County residents.
Badcock Furniture & More 217 S. Poplar Street Elizabethtown 910-862-2439  Open 9am – 6pm Mon.-Thurs., 9AM – 7PM on Fri., 9AM-5PM on Sat. Limit of 2 people per party/ family in store. Social distancing requested. In-home deliveries have resumed.
Big Blue Store Rt 87 & Mercer Mill Rd Elizabethtown 910-645-2222 Open 7:30AM – 6PM – Mon. – Sat. 12 PM – 5PM on Sun.
Bladen Builders Supply, Inc, 1206 West Swanzy Street Elizabethtown 910-862-3177  Open 7:30AM – 5PM – Mon.-Fri., 8AM – 12PM on Sat. Closed Sunday. Requesting only 1 person per car/ family/ group in store at once.
Bladen Cleaners 203 B S Poplar Sr Elizabethtown 910-247-6279  Closed
Bladen Office Supplies 211 W. Broad St Elizabethtown 910-862-4286  Open 9AM – 4PM Mon. – Fri. Practicing social distancing. 1110 S. Poplar St Elizabethtown 910-879-1029  Open 8AM-5PM Mon. – Fri. Instructions on door.
Cape Fear Heating & Cooling 1110 S. Poplar St Elizabethtown 910-862-2622  Open 8AM – 5PM Mon. – Fri.
Cape Fear Tire, Inc. 2407 US 701 Hwy. N Elizabethtown 910-862-4133  Open 7:30AM – 5PM Mon. – Thur. 7:30 AM – 4PM on Fri. Shields up at cash register. Hand sanitizer available.
CVS 371 S Poplar St Elizabethtown 910-862-2076 Open 9AM -9PM Mon.-Fri., 9AM-9pm on Sat. and 10AM-7PM on Sun. Pharmacy hours are 9AM-8PM Mon.-Fri., 9AM – 6PM on Sat., 10AM-6PM on Sun. One to 2 day free delivery.  Orders for prescriptions and other items can be done on-line.
Dan’s Golf Car & Trailer Service 1205 S. Poplar Street Elizabethtown 910-879-9971  Open 9AM – 6PM Mon. – Fri., 9AM-3PM on Sat. City Towing is also open 24/7.
Dickerson’s Pharmacy 503 Doctors Drive Elizabethtown 910-862-3465  Open 8:30AM – 5:30AM Mon. – Fri., 9AM – 1PM on Sat. Drive thru is open. Limiting amount of people in store. Will make arrangement to accommodate needs of customers.
Dollar General 221 S Poplar St Elizabethtown 910-613-0850  Open 8AM-8PM. 8AM-9AM is seniors only
Dollar General 1011 W Broad St Elizabethtown 910-613-0846  Open 8AM-8PM. 8AM-9AM is seniors only
Dreamworks Fitness & Wellness Inc. 1101 S Broad St Elizabethtown 910-862-6533 Outside workout and classes, Java Shop is open 6AM-8PM Mon-Fri., 8AM-4PM on Sat.
Elizabethtown Florist 408 W. Broad St Elizabethtown 910- 862-4369  Closed
EZ Wireless/US Cellular 113 W. Broad Elizabethtown 910-862-4747  Open 9:30AM – 5PM. No more than 10 customers in store at once.
Faith Partner Christian Supply 117 W Broad St Elizabethtown 910-770-4404 Open 10AM-3PM Mon.-Fri., 10AM-1PM on Sat.
Feed & Garden Center, Inc 201 S. Poplar Ave Elizabethtown 910-862-3733  Open 8AM – 5:30PM Mon. – Fri., 8AM – 1PM on Sat. Keeping customers six feet apart. Plexiglass at cash registers. Hand sanitizer available.
Fishers Mens Store & The Ladies Shop 127 W. Broad Street Elizabethtown, 910-862-3718  Open 9AM-5:30PM Mon. – Sat.. On-line orders and curbside pickup available. Call 910-862-3718 or check out their website at
Food Lion 1202 W Broad St Elizabethtown 910-862-4791  Open 7AM – 11PM Mon. – Sun. 7AM-8AM – Senior shopping time. Social distancing and aisle directions in place. Hand sanitizer available.
Kinlaw Furniture, Inc. 141 Broad St Elizabethtown 910-862-3325  Open 8:30AM-5PM Mon. – Fri, 8:30AM-3PM. 6′ Social distancing.
Leinwand’s of Elizabethtown 132 Broad Street Elizabethtown 910-862-3772  Open  9AM – 5:30PM Mon. – Sat. Look for special.
LuMil Vineyard 438 Suggs-Taylor Road Elizabethtown 910-866-5819 Open 10AM-6PM on Sat., 1PM – 6PM on Sunday.Beginning Monday (5/18/20) – they will resume their regular schedule of Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm and Sunday 1pm – 6pm.
Merritt’s Pottery, Inc. 3943 US Hwy 701-N Elizabethtown 910-862-3774  Open 8AM – 5PM Mon. – Fri. Social distancing. Shield at register. Only one or 2 customers at cash register. Hand sanitizer available.
Nissan of Clinton 412 Southeast Blvd. Clinton 910-590-2005  Open. Sales from 9AM-6PM. Service from 7:30AM-5PM.
O’Rielly Auto Parts 1003 W. Broad Street Elizabethtown 910-862-3254  Open 7:30AM – 9PM Mon. -Sat. 9AM – 8PM on Sunday. Social distancing requested.
Pawn South, Inc. 1401 W Broad St Elizabethtown 910-862-7296  Open 9AM -6PM Mon. – Fri. 9AM – 5PM on Sat. Social distancing required.
Ray’s, Inc. 209 W Broad St Elizabethtown 910-862-2586  Open 8:30AM – 5: 30PM, Mon. – Thur., 8:30AM- 6PM on Fri., 8:30Am – 3PM on Sat..
Sassy Chick Boutique 129 West Broad Street Elizabethtown 910-874-1711  Re-opening on Wed., May 20. 10AM-5:30PM. Customers can shop on line from the Facebook page or by calling 910-876-2485
SignLogic, Inc. 174 S. Poplar Street Elizabethtown 910-862-8965  Open 9AM – 5PM, Mon. – Fri.
Smellie Bloomers 501 W. Broad St Elizabethtown 910-862-2471  closed
Strickland Golf Carts 30 NC 53 White Lake  Closed
Toddler & Teens 115 W. Broad St Elizabethtown 910-862-7731 Open 10AM-5:30PM Wed. – Fri., 10PM-5PM on Sat. Will accommodate customers’ needs by calling 910-862-7731 or through the Facebook page.
Vineyard Golf Course at White Lake 4723 Hwy 701 N White Lake 910-247-6132  Open 8AM – 6PM Mon. – Sun. One cart per person unless members of same household/family.
Walgreens Pharmacy 403 S. Poplar Street Elizabethtown 910-247-3026  Open 9AM – 8PM Mon. – Sun. Pharmacy hours on weekend: 9AM – 6pm on Sat., 10AM – 6PM on Sunday. Drive thru available for ordering items in store. On-line ordering coming soon.
Walmart #1166 1347 West Broad St Elizabethtown 910-862-8424  Open 7AM – 8:30PM. Special hours for seniors on Tuesday -6AM – 7AM. Limiting amount of people in the store at once. Customers can order on-line.
Whimsical Florist & Gifts 312 S. Poplar St Elizabethtown 910-872-9931  Open 9AM-12pm Wed., 10AM-6PMMon., Tues, Thur., and Friday. 9AM-1PM on saturday. Orders can be placed by calling 910-872-9931 or 910-840-0774.
White Lake Marine





Yai Yai Gifts & More

6485 US Hwy 701 N





214 W Broad St.

White Lake
















 Open 8AM-5PM Mon. – Fri., 9AM – 3PM on Saturday. Showroom is open. Boat sales are by appointment only. Customers can bring boats for service but should ring bell and someone will come out to get boat. Boat ramp is open to the public.


Open 10:30AM-5:30AM Mon.  – Fri., 11AM – 2PM on Sat.